6 Additional Services to look for while choosing a Mall Store Contractor

An experienced, competent mall store construction contractor should have key areas of specialization and must be able to deliver true value from start to finish. He should have ample experience to meet your specific needs and must have a good track record of working in quality projects. The contractor should also be able to offer the following additional services which can help you save time and money.

1. Plumbing
Plumbing woes in large malls can be an unpleasant experience for shop owners and visitors. Routine plumbing maintenance is a must to avoid any emergencies. Any plumbing issue has to be sorted out quickly without disrupting peak hour customer rush. The contractor should have expertise in offering services such as re-piping, restroom maintenance, water pipe leakage detection, bursts and leaks, blocked drain and valve/tap repair, installation or replacement of plumbing fixtures, toilets, sinks, waterlines, garbage disposers and sewer repair. The contractor should also follow the commercial regulations and guidelines instituted by the government.

Each mall store can have a unique set of heating and cooling system requirement. Maintenance of a HVAC system is vital and any major repair issue if left unattended can lead to unpleasant customer experiences. The contractor should be able to offer preventive maintenance services, heating system installation & replacement, heating system repair, AC installation, replacement & repair. Since there are different mall layouts, customer visit frequencies and air quality needs across states can vary, due to which malls use HVAC systems of various capacities. The contractor should have duly certified technicians to handle different HVAC brands/capacities and keep them working at optimum levels.

3. Electric (including Low Voltage)
A commercial facility’s challenges are unique and the contractor must have skilled electricians who have the experience to handle the scope and scale of electrical issues a mall store can throw up. They should be able to minimize the downtime and interruptions to the mall’s daily operations that can happen due to electric equipment failure.The services should include wiring & rewiring, cabling, indoor and outdoor lighting, circuit breaker panel wiring, generator repair, UPS installation & repair, certified technicians who can troubleshoot, repair and maintain all types of branded electrical facilities, installation and repair of lighting fixtures, switch-gears and fire alarms. The contractor should also provide low voltage electrical services such as repair and maintenance of CCTV systems, sound & dish antennas, lighting controls, cable TV & telephone systems, instrumentation and temperature controls.

4. Cleaning
Cleaning a mall is no small task. With foot traffic being high, you need professional services to ensure the retail store space is spick and span. Every mall’s requirement is unique and the contractor should have extensive experience in tailoring cleaning services to meet a mall store’s need. The contractor should be able to provide window cleaning, ablution cleaning, carpet cleaning, celing cleaning, curtain cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and general cleaning services.

5. Concrete
The contractor should also have a experienced team of workers capable of handling projects involving structural, site work and architectural concrete . They should also have expertise to manage mall renovations, escavations, backfilling, build concrete foundation walls, site work improvements and any seismic upgrades.

6. Masonry
The contractor should also be able to offer high quality, professional masonry services on time and on budget. The services should include traditional brickworking, brick and block construction, custom stone work, restorations, retaining walls, concrete walkways, brick salvaging, bricklaying, waterproofing, re-pointing, parging, block foundations, calcium/vanadium stain removal, decorative masonry, lintel installations, demolitions, custom door/window cut outs and openings, tuckponting and interlock sealings.

The mall store contractor should have a definite schedule for maintenance activities and must take all precautions to prevent any untoward incidents. If you are a mall store owner and in the lookout for a reliable and dependable mall store contractor, do get in touch with us. We would be glad to assist you.

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