How AI tools can reduce construction time and cost at least 15%

The advent of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is well-placed to benefit the field of construction. Today, AI is implemented in every stage of construction – from design to preconstruction to construction to operations and asset management. In fact, the technology has helped the contractors overcome some of the greatest challenges of the construction industry such as cost and schedule overruns and safety concerns. Furthermore, the availability of data has made AI-based applications more useful for construction. These features of AI technology have attracted a lot of investment over the last few years. Additionally, investments in digitalization of different parts of the construction workflow have been witnessed. In this article, let’s take a look at how AI tools are helping in reducing the construction cost and time by 15%.


ALICE Technologies’ AI assistant created by Stanford University start-up has helped the humans in more tedious number-crunching task that’s involved in creating a construction schedule. Further, the software enables the contractors to see opportunities for what’s possible with key tasks and core business processes while offering a best possible plan for customers. For contractors, ALICE will provide an insight into what an optimal schedule looks like on the project while helping the contractors or owners to finish the project sooner. In addition, ALICE provides the capability to evaluate millions of scheduling options that would take humans exponentially longer time to accomplish.

The software understands the more subtle complexities of scheduling, beyond the information available in BIM. For instance, ALICE can identify the time that it takes to move a crane from one job site to another. ALICE also generates millions of scheduling scenarios and calculations within minutes which would take experts decades to complete. Further, it then filters down the best options – each with its own 4D model along with Gantt chart (which includes a time-cost curve) for stakeholders to review or choose from.

By helping the contractors make the best use of available crews, ALICE can make a real difference in terms of cost and time. Another advantage of ALICE is that it can direct crews who have completed one task toward the next priority area in order to minimize downtime and accelerate the construction process, thus increasing the utilization rates ranging between 40% and 60% on a standard project.

Changes can be made easily

With ALICE in place, you can automatically solve problems as they arise and re-sequence tasks within the selected schedule within minimal impact to project cost or timeline. ALICE is a parametric system where rules set can be tweaked at any point. Further, the software can even respond to changes in structural components, materials, and client timelines as soon as those new elements are well-defined.

AI is very powerful as it delivers tremendous opportunity to improve construction project and overcome many of its current challenges. With the advancement of technology, there is great demand to embrace AI and robotic solutions and free designers and contractors to tackle new challenges.

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