Senior Community Housing: How to Strategize Renovation Projects

With more than 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, senior housing construction is currently booming. Though the majority of the boomers will opt to live in their own home or apartment, nearly  8% of them will choose the senior community housing. In the recent times, many existing senior housing communities are looking for a facelift or rebrand their facilities to stay competitive with the new ones entering the market.

It is important to bring a trusted commercial contractor on board to execute renovations as efficiently as possible while maximizing both capital improvement and maintenance budgets. In this article, we will shed some light on the various commercial construction strategies for senior living community owners and operators that owners need to consider when renovating senior housing project.

Provide unique amenities: The competitive nature of the senior housing market must never be overlooked or underestimated. Over the past few years, the average occupancy rates in senior housing have been hovering in the 90-93% range. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to renovations that reflects the current demand and expectations of the local market. In order to enhance the lifestyle of current residents and make a great first-impression with prospective residents, it is essential to focus on the high-impact areas like amenity spaces. Lounge-like space with high-end hospitality feel and elements such as coffee cafes and bar areas that encourage social interaction are currently in vogue. As an owner of senior community housing or a contractor, you can think of changing the unappealing ceiling tiles, fluorescent lighting, bare floors, and mismatched furniture. Additionally, you can bring in refreshing ambiance to the inmates of the house by calming paint colors and choosing coordinated décor.

Overcome the negative preconceptions of senior housing: One of the biggest fears of the older people is having to share the most vulnerable time of their lives with a stranger. In fact, the stigma associated with traditional senior housing community is that they have semi-private rooms and shared bathroom. It is here trusted commercial contractors plays an important role in erasing some negative preconceptions and help the building owners in meeting the demands of seniors who want to keep themselves fit – in body and mind. Contractors can customize the design by providing more privacy, comfort, and home-like aesthetics. For instance, a commercial contractor can create a public space on a floor close to the living room which can further be used for yoga or exercise classes.

Take extra steps to keep residents happy: Residents consider the senior housing community as their home. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that construction work hours are scheduled appropriately and follows strict daily clean-up procedures, and also all the appropriate construction safety precautions are in place to protect residents and their resides from any hazards associated with construction work. It is natural that residents take interest in the work that is taking place. Therefore, construction team needs to be ready to interact with residents in such a way that it will make the whole renovation process a successful and positive experience for everyone. As communication is extremely important, a right project superintendent for senior community projects must be chosen carefully.

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