We believe in delivering high quality work. We are dedicated to raising the bar of retail construction practices through innovation. We believe key players to be what propels us to long-term success; therefore, we value high moral characters with a drive to succeed.

For retail construction jobs, we have based our selection process on the Topgrading philosophy, and have found it significantly increases our chances of hiring top performers who fit our organizational culture. Topgrading is a thorough process of collecting detailed information about your education and job history with a Career History Form. Completing the Career History Form is the first step to determining whether you will be a good fit for the position in question. You can expect to spend about an hour completing this form, depending on the position of retail construction jobs for which you are applying. If it appears as though you could be a great fit for the position, you will eventually participate in a chronological, in--‐depth, and structured Topgrading Interview. The interview is a cornerstone of our process, as it helps determine who has the potential to be successful and happy in our organization. It also provides valuable information to assist us in providing a smooth onboarding experience. The final step of our selection process is to conduct reference calls with your former bosses, which we will ask you to arrange for us.

If you are serious about joining A. F. Alber's team, then CLICK HERE to complete a digital application - this usually takes about 60 minutes to complete after registering.